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Slaying the Dreamer

Hitotsu me no kotoba wa yume...

7 July 1982
I've come a long way in life. I still have more goals I want to attain but I'm moving steadily towards them.
I have a great passion for Photography. I have my own wedding and portrait photography company. I'm a trained photographer. That means I've spent time and money in classes and workshops. I shoot film and digital. So, expects some scans of black and white film (that I develop myself) along side pictures taken with professional DSLRs. I also like alternative and experimental photography. From the Holga to Polaroid transfers, I'm interested in and have experimented with.
Life has changed. A lot. Again.
I work full time in marketing and technology services for a local grocer. It's a job for now.
I recently graduated Carroll Community College with An Associates Degree and attending University of Maryland for a degree in Psychology and Law.
So when I'm not working or at school, I spend time at the local coffee house (not Starbucks)or hanging out with my family & friends.
More than anything I would love to meet LOCAL people and make some more friends here as well.

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